uus Joskin Hardox KTP 22/50

Wheels 650/55R26.5 Agriterra 02 (MITAS) 169 D (Ø 1.389 x

645 mm, 7.890 kg per wheel 

n Tapered monocoque body

n Automated welding and cutting

n Standard manufactured in special steel

n 6 mm floor and side walls in HARDOX 450 (except for 17/50: 5 mm)

n One-piece side walls welded on the whole length

n Reinforced upper strip

n One part hydraulic rear door in HARDOX with wide opening angle

n Door rams integrated into the arm

n Galvanized mudguards bolted to the body

n Galvanized front ladder

n Chassis width: 900 mm

n Chassis made up of profile tubes:

n - 300 x 150 x 8 mm on double-axle models

n Cross-suspension drawbar with parabolic leaves

n JOSKIN Ø 80 mm 3 T bolted knee-joint eyelet (large plate)

n Hydraulic skid

n Door opening and skid connected to one single DA with manual 6-way valve

n Oil-fed tipping (SA)

n Double oscillating frame for tipping ram

n Air brakes

n Hydraulic rear bumper (combined with door)

n LED double truck-type lights on oscillating frame (LED only available for brake and main-beam lights)

n Shot-blasting of the components before painting

n Primer Ester Epoxy (2 K) + finishing lacquer (2 K) (total 100 μ)

n Forced drying (60° oven)

n JOSKIN Cross-Over bogie with 1.600 mm parabolic leaves

n Bogie table bolted to the chassis

Standard axle : BPW2X150X1950-10G

Brake drum : 410X180

Hydraulic tipping ram capacity : 36

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